Pre-Setup Refrigeration

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Refrigeration made easy with our Pre-Setup Refrigration (PSR) program.  PSR converges in a maximum of 2 seconds and has a zero setup/connectivity time.

Pre-Setup refrigeration is a user friendly program for one, two, three and four stage refrigeration systems with loads, reboilers and subcoolers. The main advantage of this program is that it is Pre-Setup for you. No time is wasted connecting unit operations or writing input files and checking connectivity or waiting for convergence.  Pre-Setup Refrigeration is already connected.  It understands the problem it is solving and thus converges almost instantly.

PrePre-Setup Refrigeration is not limited to pure refrigerants and currently has 75 common refrigerants including methane, ethylene, ethane, propylene, propane, ammonia, cabon dioxide and many more. A complete list of available refrigerants is here.

Pre-Setup Regerigeration allows the use of the Soave-Redlich-Kowng, Peng-Robinson and the Lee-Kessler equations of state.

It is Pre-Setup for you.  ZERO Connectivity time.  Just enter the temperature levels and the loads, reboilers and subcoolers if any, Click solve and get your answer almost instantly.

three stage refrigeration cycle

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